What is “Food Truck Mania”?

The Food Trucks are Coming! The Food Trucks are coming!

Food Truck Mania, from SactoMoFo, brings communities together through shared food experiences and family-friendly FUN! Food Truck Mania events are a great way to experience delicious foods, support local businesses, and have fun.

For your safety, the food trucks comply with all applicable health standards and utilize online ordering systems to create a contactless experience. We look forward to providing a safe and positive space for you to create lasting memories with family and friends at one (or more) of our many event locations.

 Here are just a few reasons why you should attend one:

 Variety of food

Sacramento food truck events typically feature various food trucks, each serving unique and delicious cuisines. This is a great way to try new foods and expand your culinary horizons.

 Support local businesses

When you attend a public food truck event, you support local businesses. Food trucks are small businesses that rely on events. Attending a food truck mania event supports small businesses and contributes to your local economy.

Fun atmosphere

Food Truck Mania events are a great way to have some fun. They’re held in outdoor spaces so that you can enjoy the weather and people-watch. There’s often music or other entertainment, and the atmosphere is always festive.


Food Truck Mania events are convenient for a delicious meal. You can usually walk or bike to the event, and there’s no need to make a reservation. Just show up, order food, hang out with your friends and neighbors, and enjoy!

 With the rise of delivery services, it might be tempting to order your favorite foods delivered. Save on delivery fees and attend a SactoMoFo Food Truck Mania instead! You’ll get out of the house for an opportunity to select from a wide variety of sweet and savory foods while getting to know your neighbors. We highly recommend attending a Sacramento Food Truck Mania event for a fun and delicious afternoon. You won’t be disappointed!  You can find the one closest to your home or work on our Events Calendar.

Join us outside for great food and a fun time!