Are you bored with your work lunch offerings?  Are you in a facility that has no food options?  SactoMoFo Food Truck Catering can help!

Here are the main reasons why you should consider Northern California’s food trucks for lunch at your workplace:


Sacramento food trucks can provide convenient options for lunch at your workplace. SactoMofo takes the hassle out of coordination, saving you time and effort. You and your colleagues don’t even need to leave the premises.


SactoMoFo offers the widest selection of Northern California Food trucks to serve your workplace.  From savory to sweet, mild to wild, explore a wide range of menu options so you and your colleagues can enjoy a diverse selection of delicious foods. Do your coworkers have different dietary restrictions or preferences? Our team of Sacrament Food Truck experts can help you curate a wide range of delicious meal options to suit all tastes and needs.

Fresh and High-Quality Food

Northern California Food trucks cook their meals to-order,  on-site. This means fresh, local, high-quality meals for your lunch break.


Eating lunch at a food truck can create a social atmosphere among colleagues. You can all gather around and eat together, fostering community and teamwork. Ask our team about adding tables and chairs to your next event.

unique experience

Getting a Sacramento food truck for lunch provides a unique experience that you don’t get from traditional office catering or going to a restaurant. Since the truck(s) bring the food to you, food truck catering is an exciting way to mix things up and add a bit of variety to your workday.

cost effective

A food truck can be a cost-effective option for lunch at your workplace. The cost-per-person for food truck catering is typically less than that of a restaurant or traditional catering company.

support local businesses

By hiring a Northern California food truck through SactoMoFo, you are supporting a small, local business, usually family-run, which can make a positive impact on your community and local economy.

Contact us here, and we will help you get started!

**Please note that each workplace location is assessed to ensure enough business potential for the attending food truck(s).  There might be a short trial period with minimum guarantees required.