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SactoMoFo Food Truck Spotlight: Kado's Asian Grill

Owners: Edwin and Dawn Kado

#1 When did you start your business, and what inspired you to become a food truck operator?

We started Kado’s Asian Grill in April of 2016. We had been working as traveling caterers for a professional drift series called FormulaD and really enjoyed feeding the employees and other teams. We would sample all the food at the SactoMoFo events and talk about how fun it would be to own a food truck. One thing lead to another and here we are!

#2 What is the most popular dish on your menu and how is it created?

The most popular dish on our menu is our Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. It’s made from an over 90 year old Morita family recipe. Our Kado’s Special is steadily gaining popularity though!

#3 What is your favorite part of being a food truck owner?

Our favorite part of being a food truck owner is watching people enjoying our food.

We love seeing someone take a bite of one of our dishes and nod their head and smile!

You can find Kado’s Asian Grill at SactoMoFo events all over the greater Sacramento region!
Check them out on our website to see their upcoming schedule:

About SactoMoFo Food Truck Spotlight: Twice a month SactoMoFo shares an interview with a different food truck owner in our network, to provide some insight on how these smallest of small business owners have carved their unique mark upon the mobile food landscape in Northern California.