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What is SactoMoFo?

Sacramento Mobile Foods (SactoMoFo), began in 2011 with very modest ambitions: to introduce Sacramento to the fast-growing industry of street food. That April we held the first SactoMoFo food truck festival at Fremont Park, and we were incredibly humbled by the show of support, with an overwhelming attendance of more than 10,000 mobile food enthusiasts.

We’ve been continuing our efforts to promote food trucks and their delicious food ever since – pedal to the food truck metal. Our mission is now two fold: to improve access for hungry fans of street food, and to increase the visibility and viability for food truck businesses. Today SactoMoFo has organized, promoted and managed numerous large scale food truck festivals, and many more intimate recurring community events.

At SactoMoFo, we believe in the power of our shared food experience – in dining al fresco, forging connections between friends and strangers, sharing food at a communal table, and supporting the smallest of small businesses.


Food Trucks

Their tasty food is only the beginning.  These small business owners buy local produce, meat and bread products, pay local sales taxes, add affordability and diversity to the local food scene, hire local workers, and offer aspiring restaurant owners an entry point into the possibility of the American Dream.  Some of the local food trucks are already well on their way there, and have opened local restaurants, created even more Sacramento jobs and have generated thousands of dollars in sales taxes. Additionally, food truck owners are heavily vested in their local communities and generously give back.  In recent years food trucks working with SactoMoFo raised thousands of dollars for organizations like the Rebuild McKinley Park effort, Toys for Tots Foundation, the California Firefighters Foundation, the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, the Whole Foods Foundation, the Getty Owl Foundation and various others.

The Sacramento region is the farm to fork capital of the country, and offers a myriad of great local food opportunities by ways of the various farmers markets, the multiple ethnic restaurants and the wide variety of local gourmet restaurants that are owner operated.  We see food trucks as a natural extension of this great community, and hope you will love them as much as we do.  Come join us at an event, and experience it yourself!

In recent years food trucks working with SactoMoFo have raised tens of thousands of dollars for many local schools, as well as organizations like Front Street Animal Shelter, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Loaves and Fishes, the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, the Getty Owl Foundation and many others


Some Interesting Facts About the Food Truck Industry:

  • The chuck wagon (a cowboy's portable kitchen wagon) was invented in 1866, and was the first "food truck". The first taco truck dates back to 1974 and started in East Los Angeles. The first "Gourmet Food Truck" started in 2008 also in Los Angeles.
  • Did you know that one gourmet food truck creates an average of 7-10 new jobs and is generally owner operated?
  • 28% of people who saw a food truck purchased from the truck.
  • Food truck owners buy their products and produce, and spend their earnings in the communities they serve, creating a virtuous circle.
  • Food truck roundups are family-friendly community events, with entertainment and food geared to the entire family.
  • Food-truck roundups generally involve a charitable component.
  • By discarding the formalities of a sit-down restaurant, food trucks encourage patrons to make new friends while eating a great meal and supporting local small business owners.
  • 54% of food truck consumers said they otherwise would have eaten fast food.
  • The U.S. food truck industry has topped 1 billion in annual revenue, clearly showing that it is here to stay.
  • 47% of food truck's most frequent customers are millennials
  • There are roughly around 5,000 gourmet food trucks in the U.S.A